GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission, Inc.

GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission, Inc.


GLEAMNS' Board of Commissioners
GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission, Inc.
ZOOM Virtual Video Conference - Meeting ID: 975 8361 5284
Join via Telephone at 1-929-436-2866 – Meeting ID: 975 8361 5284

March 25, 2021 – 11:00am


Mission Statement: The mission of GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission, Incorporated, a community-based organization, is to work in partnership with our community to deliver quality services, assistance, and opportunities to eligible customers with emphasis placed on education, employment, and developing self-sufficiency.

I. Call to Order/Virtual Roll Call……………………………………..…..…Ms. Betty Boles, Chairperson
II. Invocation
III. Mission Statement (read aloud)
IV. Approval of the Agenda (ACTION)
V. Recognition of Staff and Visitors
VI. Public Comments (not more than 5 minutes each)
VII. Approval of the Minutes: January 21, 2021 (ACTION)
VIII. Committee Report Updates
A. Finance Committee (ACTION)
B. Recruitment Committee (ACTION)
C. Board Liaison to Policy Council (Mr. Charles Jennings)
D. Policy Council Liaison to the Board (Ms. Rhonda Gary)

IX. Program Updates and Items for Board Consideration and Information

A. Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)/Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
1. 2020 Performance Targets/Actual Success Rates and Logic Models
B. Head Start (HS)/Early Head Start (EHS)/Early Head Start Child Care Partnership (EHSCCP)

1. Head Start/Early Head Start Disability Services Waiver (ACTION)
2. Head Start Pay Differential Policy (ACTION)
3. Reopening Plans (ACTION)
4. Facilities Report
a. Review All Facilities
b. New Facility in Columbia - Plans and Costs (ACTION)
5. Enrollment Report – 2020-2021 School Year
6. Recruitment Report – 2021-2022 School Year

C. Mays Site - Update
D. Human Resources – Vacancy Report
E. Finance – Review Monthly Financial Statements – January and February 2021

X. Chief Executive Officer Report
XI. Executive Session – Personnel – CEO Evaluation and Total Compensation Review
XII. Board Chair Comments – Nominations Committee; Welborn Adams, Chair
XIII. Other Concerns/Comments/Announcements – GLEAMNS Community Action Day – Tent. May 21, 2021
XIV. Adjournment GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission, Inc.
NEXT REGULAR BOARD MEETING – Thursday, May 28, 2021
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