GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission, Inc.

GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission, Inc.

Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Center (TASC)

The GLEAMNS Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Center hosts our Teen After School Center (TASC).  As reported by the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice, the hours between the end of school day and when the parents return from work is a risky time for young people, and research has demonstrated that serious and violent crime committed by youth increases between these times.

Often supplementing the normal supervision that DJJ provides, our TASC is also designed to reduce the likelihood that program participants will be incarcerated. Our TASC provides supervision, structured daily activities, service coordination, and resource development for youth and their families. Individual educational enhancements are also developed for youth that have academic or social difficulties in mainstream educational settings. They help enhance coping skills, increasing academic, vocational & employability skills, and building on competencies of youth & their families.

Our Magic Johnson Center also offer a Summer Program.  Last summer, GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission, Inc., launched its inaugural Summer Career Exploration Program! This was a six-weeks program, open to high school 15-17 year olds, was an educational internship designed to allow students the opportunity to research and better understand various career opportunities. Additionally, the Program allowed the youth hands-on experience at a worksite, or various worksites, to observe and acquire a more in-depth understanding of various careers. As an internship paid for by GLEAMNS, the students had the opportunity to earn money as they learn!

At the end of the Program, the student interns had a greater understanding of various careers, the educational and skill requirements of their selected career, and a hands-on experience of observing their selected career in action. Additionally, the Program helped the student interns learn how to create a written document and presentation reflecting their internship experience.

On last day of the program, July 27, the students presented a PowerPoint presentations reflecting their internship experiences.  Funding sources, parents, mentors and company representatives are invited.